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About Us

Pink royal is your go-to with trends and super-fast fashion. Pink Royal is at the heart of fashion, introducing the most up-to-date runway designs and trends to stores, with a steady stream of new pieces arriving every day to delight all
but the most passionate fashionista. 

Who we are
It all started in 2019 In Montreal by a Montrealer born in Mexico Mexican fashionista Maria Fuentes Maldonado.

From the principal store to 794 stores Forever 21 everlastingly become Pink oyahas a wide range of styles that is for the fashion-loving youth. From workwear to street style, night out, Pink Royal can keep you going from day to night at a super affordable price. 

How we do it 
Over the year Pink Royal aims to provide shoppers an exclusive array of today's fashion at reasonable prices and intends to make all customer's shopping experience exceptional, by offering a compelling and fascinating store
environment with an endless parade of fun and amazing value. We believe in lending a helping hand to those who need it the most.